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Butler County Arena- A Proposed Project

An event venue for livestock events, rodeos, agriculture and business trade shows, community events and more!

Butler County Arena c/o Will Johnson
El Dorado, KS 67042
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What is the best thing to do?

The Butler County Fair Ground area is located just north and east of the Central and Griffith intersection in El Dorado. Over the years, significant development growth in the surrounding area has limited the ability for the current facility to expand its footprint and limits the impact of future investment in the area.  

In 2013, with these challenges in mind, a small group of current and potential users made contact with El Dorado, Inc., the City of El Dorado and the Butler County Manager to start a conversation regarding the need to serve the current facility users and the potential for a indoor arena or event center in Butler County.

The City of El Dorado recently approved $30,000 to help fund a feasibility study.   Information from the study will be used to determine the size, scope, uses and cost of constructing a new facility. During this process parameters for the footprint needed to build a proposed facility will be better defined.  Sites throughout Butler County that meet the criteria set out in the feasibility study can then be appropriately evaluated.


Possible Facility Uses

First and foremost the intent of this facility would be to host activities currently held at the existing facilities.  

Do you have suggestions for other uses?

  • Butler County Youth Livestock Events
  • Butler County Community College Judging Program Events
  • Regional and National Community College Judging Events
  • Local Events  (examples)
    • Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt
    • El Dorado Main Street Frontier Western Celebration
    • Car shows, gun shows, flea markets, swap meets
  • Agriculture, Business, Manufacturing and Trade Show Conventions
  • National, State or Regional Equestrian Disciplines or Training Clinics
  • Professional or Amateur Rodeos, Roping or Barrel Racing
  • Indoor racing-go carts, mountain bikes, motorcycles
  • Performing Arts
  • Other Uses ????????


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