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Coutts Museum of Art

See paintings and sculptures by artists with such amazing diversity! Makk, Walton, Jim Clements, Dickerson, Remington, the Prairie Printmakers and many many more!

Coutts Museum of Art
110 N Main St
El Dorado, KS 67042
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Coutts Museum of Art Events

Jul 22

Vivid Expanses: The Landscapes of Birger Sandzén

Vivid Expanses
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Time: All Day Event
Date: Saturday June 30, 2018 through Friday August 31, 2018
Location: Coutts Museum of Art
Address: 110 N Main St, El Dorado, KS, 67042
Price: Admission is free, but donations are appreciated
Category: Arts / Exhibits
El Dorado, KS, Friday, June 30 through August 31, 2018 – If you haven’t seen the magnificent landscapes of Birger Sandzén in real life, you haven’t really seen a Sandzén! If you have, you will surely want to see one again! The Coutts Museum of Art (CMA) is excited to be hosting Vivid Expanses: The Landscapes of Sandzén with pieces on loan from the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery in Lindsborg, KS.

Vivid Expanses will consist of over 30 Sandzén paintings, focused heavily on his oil paintings and spiced with a few watercolors. The works on display will cover “the whole range of Sandzén's career, from a Swedish scene done the year he arrived in Kansas (September 1894) to one of his last views of the local Smoky Hill River,” says Cori Sherman North, Curator of the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery, who is selecting the pieces to be brought to CMA. In fact, the exhibit will include the last painting Sandzén completed before his death, on loan for the very first time! “I am so excited about our current partnership and potential future partnerships with the Sandzén Gallery! The Sandzén paintings will nicely compliment the prints in our permanent collection on display nearby on the third floor,” says Tim Howard, Executive Director of CMA.

Sandzén is well known for his expansive landscapes and his unique style of impasto, which developed over his years as an artist. Impasto is a painting method where the artist uses a palette knife or similar object to spread large amounts of paint onto the canvas, which leaves the painting with a thick layer of textured paint. From some distance away, Sandzén’s paintings look photographic, except that the trees are alive, the rocks glow, and the water shimmers. Only stepping closer do you discover that it is made up of large smears of thickly applied paint.

Birger Sandzén was born in Sweden in 1871. He moved to Lindsborg to teach at Lindsborg College in 1894 after studying art in Stockholm and Paris. Throughout his time teaching and after he retired as Professor Emeritus, he was a prolific painter and printmaker until his death in 1954. During his lifetime he completed in excess of 2600 oil paintings and 500 watercolors. He created 207 lithographs, 94 block prints and 27 drypoints, which when the editions are totaled, amount to over 33,000 prints.

The Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery was created in Lindsborg, KS in 1957 to direct the works of the Birger Sandzén Memorial Foundation. The Sandzén Gallery exhibits artwork by its namesake throughout the year. Works from its permanent collection, historic and loaned exhibitions, as well as active contemporary artists are also displayed.

The Coutts Museum of Art is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Museum. For more information about this exhibit, other exhibits, and our line-up of programs, see our Facebook page, website, or give us a call at 316-321-1212.
Jul 23

Museum Summer Camps

Museum Summer Camps
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Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Date: Monday July 23, 2018 through Friday August 3, 2018
Location: Coutts Museum of Art
Address: 110 N Main St, El Dorado, KS, 67042
Price: Members $90, Non-Members $100, Scholarships available
Category: Educational
El Dorado, KS, Session 1: July 23 through 27, and Session 2: July 30 through August 3, 2018 – Join the Coutts Museum of Art (CMA), the Kansas Oil Museum (KOM), and the Butler County Farm Bureau this summer for a week long, all day summer camp! Two, one-week-long sessions are being offered for youth ages 8-12. Camps will be a collaborative effort to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) to El Dorado.

These two camps will run all day, 8am to 5pm, July 23-27 and July 30-August 3. Mornings will be spent at KOM and/or the Butler County Fairgrounds, with afternoon sessions taking place at the CMA. Groups will be conducted between the two museums by summer camp staff, so no need for parents to shuttle kids between venues! Children are requested to bring their own sack lunches each day.

In the morning classes, the camps will highlight the role of farming and ranching in Kansas, both historically and right here in Butler County today. Participants will learn about different careers in agriculture and life science, meet actual professionals in these fields, and even have close-up encounters with crops and livestock at the museum and fairgrounds! The camps make full use of KOM’s galleries, outdoor exhibit area, and education collections, and provide an exciting hands-on way for kids to learn about the history and science that have shaped Butler County and Kansas.

In the afternoon classes, students will explore their creativity with experienced art educators and artists from the area. Students will create both 2D and 3D pieces of art to take home with them at the end of the week. 2D work will include pencil, charcoal, and acrylic paint; 3D work will include clay, found object, and Calder-like mobiles. On the last day of each camp, a small exhibit and reception will be held at CMA for students to share their artwork with family and friends.

Enrollment for each camp is $90/child for members, $100/child for non-members. Limited scholarships are available for families experiencing financial hardship. For more information or to sign up, please get in touch with us by calling (316) 321-9333, or go to http://www.kansasoilmuseum.org/summer-camps/. Staff from KOM will then be in touch to complete your registration!

“The Coutts and the Oil Museum have been talking for years about partnering on Summer Camps. We are very excited to be able to partner not only with them this year, but also with the Butler County Farm Bureau. This partnership creates exciting opportunities each organization could not tackle on their own, like offering full day classes, which will make it easier for children with working parents to attend; and the collaborative effort toward building a full STEAM curriculum,” says Tim Howard, Executive Director of CMA. STEAM, is a transformative research policy that places art and design at the center of STEM. The approach aims to help students see and use connections between all of these disciplines to become more well-rounded adults. The policy also encourages the integration of Art and Design in K-20 Education as well as encouraging businesses to hire artists and designers to drive innovation.

The Coutts Museum of Art is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Museum. For more information about this program, other exhibits, and our line-up of programs, see our Facebook page, website, or give us a call at 316-321-1212.
Jul 25

Coutts Caterpillars - Preschool Program

Coutts Caterpillars
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Time: 8:45 am
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2018
Location: Coutts Museum of Art
Address: 110 N Main St, El Dorado, KS, 67042
Price: Admission free, donations appreciated
Category: Arts / Exhibits
This newly developed program encourages a preschooler’s natural curiosity and help develop their own journey of exploration and discovery. Through storytelling and art, Coutts’ Caterpillars develop fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills, and the ability to listen and follow simple directions while creating their own mini masterpiece each month. This program is FREE for parents and caregivers of children age 2-5 years of age.